The Appellate Advocate

Twice a year, the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers (AAAL) publishes its newsletter, The Appellate Advocate. Each issue keeps Fellows abreast of AAAL strategic initiatives and policies, meeting details, award winners, Fellows in the news, decisions of interest to appellate lawyers, and more.

Take a look at the two latest issues of the Appellate Advocate to sample the information AAAL Fellows receive.

All issues are available only in PDF format. If you need the PDF reader, download it here:

Latest Issues

2016 Issue #2

  • Fall Meeting Preview
  • President's Column
  • Report on the 2016 Spring Meeting Sessions
  • Amicus Report: Williams v. Pennsylvania
  • Report for the Membership Recruiting Committee: "Sustaining the Ranks"
  • Spring Meeting 2016 Inductees
  • Update on the Academy's Oral Argument Initiative
  • SCOTUS Report
  • From the Editor: Miscellany


2016 Issue #1

  • Spring Meeting in Seattle
  • President's Column: Celebrating Our Past, Building Our Future
  • Report on the 25th Anniversary Sessions
  • Justice Kennedy Receives Kathleen McCree Lewis Award
  • 25 and Counting!
  • AAAL 25th Anniversary Meeting Photo Spread
  • Profile of Inductees at the 25th Anniversary Meeting
  • Report on the Academy's Oral Argument Initiative
  • From the Editor: More Miscellany